ESC Background

ESC was founded in 1991 to help small businesses with installing and managing their computer systems. We help small business owners and managers in all aspects of using computers with a few exceptions:

- We don't sell computer hardware or software

- We don't do programming projects (custom applications, custom databases, complex web sites, etc.)

- We don't do software training for specialized software

We feel that these tasks require specialists to get good results.

Other than these issues, we take care of every aspect of a businesses computers, from design through ordering, installation, configuration, maintenance and finally upgrading to a new system. If you need assistance with your computer systems, we're here to help.

. . .

Some of the technologies we support include:


- All Windows PCs - all versions
- Linux PCs - Ubuntu, SUSE and Red Hat
- VMWare system virtualization


- Windows Servers - all version
- MS Exchange - all versions
- MS SQL Server - all versions
- MySQL Server - v4 and v5
- Ethernet
- Fiber Optic
- Switches - managed and unmanaged
- Routers - all brands
- Wireless routers and access points
- DSL modems
- Cable modems


- Domain Registration
- Hosting site selection and setup
- Basic Web Design and setup
- SSL Certificate generation and implementation
- Drupal v6


- Remote Support
- Backup and Archiving
- Maintenance and Troubleshooting
- Upgrades

If you are interested in the services we provide, please contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.